Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs

Remember wasting water is the same as wasting moneyRepair today and save $$$ today

Poly tank repairs are highly qualified plastic water tank repairers with years of expertise and experience in this field. We specialise in on-site repairs to poly plastic water tanks that are normally made from (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) Polypropylene. These are more commonly known as Poly or Polythene tanks.

We can weld any size, shape, colour being a large round water tank or a small poly slimline, right though to transporter/water cartage plastic poly tanks.

We are independent plastic welding repairers so brand does not matter to us we can weld them all.


Large Round Poly Plastic Tank Repairs

Poly Tank Repairs are experts at repairing large round rural house hold poly plastic drinking rain water tanks that most rural farm houses rely on for there every day needs.

Whether being a split or cracked side wall or a split tap outlet repair or a split roof repair we can repair them all.

Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 1
Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 2

We have a fully equipped on-site 4WD mobile plastic welding work shop unit with all equipment and power needs on board ready to do the job on the spot.

Poly tank repairs are mobile on-site poly plastic welding repair specialist.

We specialize in repairing a range of plastic poly products.

Our company has a professional repair system for all our repairs we under take

due to years of experience in the poly welding industry

Economical and Environmental Benefits

Today’s world has become a throw away world and with global warming fast becoming reality,

And the high-energy cost of replacement and disposal of items,

it makes good economical sense to repair over replacement of the items and with a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Leaking Poly Rain Water tanks

Leakages lead to unwanted water damage to the surrounding areas of your house foundations and a higher chance of termites entering into your home.

Read more about damaging effects of leaking water tanks here.

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Water Tank Broken Outlet Replacements or Repairs

We carry in our fully equipped 4WD mobile work shop a large range of poly weld on outlets to suit your needs in most situations and allows us to fix your tank the same day without delay.

We often come across tanks with damage split walls leading up or down from the outlet tap at the bottom of the poly tank with the customer concerned that we may not be able to repair the tank successfully, but Poly Tank Repairs always will consider the best plan of attack for every situation to get the best outcome prior to starting any work as we guarantee to fix your leak every time.

Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 2
Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 5

Competitors repair

Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 6

Our repair to our competitors work

Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 7

Broken flange outlet

Poly Plastic Water Tank Repairs 8

Broken flange outlet

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