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A Perfect job from Noel and his team. Cost effective, professional
and what a great job. Thanks again Noel.

Plastic Poly Kayak & Boat repairs

Poly Tank Repairs, repair all types models and brands of poly kayaks and poly boats.

Poly Tank Repairs specializes in repairs to Hobie mirage drive well hull splits and scupper drain hole repairs are the most common problems for most brands of kayaks.

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Plastic Poly Kayak repairs
Plastic Poly Kayak repair
Plastic Poly Boat repairs
Poly Kayak repair

Our Work

We recently repaired a mirage drive well in a Poly/Plastic kayak. Poly Tank Repairs are able to repair all Plastic products, from tanks to kayaks. Contact Us if you have a product made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) that requires welding or fixing.

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Plastic Poly Pontoon Repairs

Do you have a Pontoon that is leaking water into the poly tanks and causing your pontoon to sink ???

If so call Poly Tank Repairs today to have us attend site to repair your pontoon for you to avoid damage to your expensive boat or jet ski.

Poly Pontoon Repairs
Plastic Pontoon Repairs
Plastic Poly Pontoon Repairs

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Poly Tank Repairs

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