A common issue with most older water tanks that people tend to ignore is leakage. A leaking tank can lead to a number of issues down the track, including:

  • Enlarged Splits – Leakage in a poly tank can lead to larger splitting of the tank if left unattended for long periods of time.
  • Wet Areas – Leakage can cause long term wet areas around the base of your water tank and cause subsiding of your rain water tank. This can lead to major problems that may affect the foundations of your home.
  • Pests – Long term wet area caused by your leaking water tank can attract horrible pests like termites.

Leaking Water Tanks (a problem) 1

How to Prevent Water Tank Leakages?

It is always a good idea to inspect your rainwater tanks and other plastic water tanks to ensure there is no leaks in or around your poly water tanks and also your connected pipe work from your tanks to your water pump as these may require attention.

It is important to check the pipes running from your house gutters to your rain water tanks as these can get blocked up by balls, sticks and leaf mater.

Blockages can lead to the surrounding areas of your tank developing into a wet area that can affect the foundations of your home and lead to costly repairs. As mentioned above, wet areas may also lead to a termite infestation around your water tank.

Other things to check on your plastic tanks are the man hole strainers and your plastic tanks overflow pipe strainers. On many poly tank repair jobs,we observe that the above mentioned items were never cleaned since the installation of the water tank leading to damage to the rain water tank, leakages and wet areas around your tank.

If you have a water tank that requires repairing, contact us.

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