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Join our 1,133 happy customers and business owners. Our expert plastic welders are the best in the industry and can repair your (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) Polypropylene tanks stronger and better than the original Guaranteed!

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Slimline rain water tank repair

Voted #1 Poly Tank Repairers

Our aim is to repair your damaged poly products back to working order and to the same quality that we would expect if we own your product. Unlike most, this is what we do all day every day and that’s why we are able to repair poly plastic products that most others can’t!! Let me show you it works:

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Today Noel came out and fixed our plastic water tank. He came out so promptly I was delighted. He had everything onboard, even all the tools necessary to shift the garden edging obstructing the leak. He matched the colour of the tank and had it all sorted in no time. He was a very pleasant and obviously very competent young man. I recommend him to everyone who needs help with their tanks.
Thanks again Noel for your friendly efficiency.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Fantastic service from go to whoa. Noel is very easy to chat with and very informative. He advised us of options of a repair or where to buy the best new Rain Water Tank. We decided on a repair and couldn’t be happier. The price and the time it took to get the job done were both excellent. We are very impressed with Noel and his work ethic and could not recommend him or his company more highly.
Poly Tank Repairs

(PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene

Or as they are usually known as, Poly or Polythene. Poly is a very tough hard wearing and anti-abrasive product that is used in many different fields of manufacturing and industries. Although Poly is very tough it can at times with age and wear and tear develop issues and needs to be repaired.

PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene
Poly Tank Repairs

Our team of ultra experienced plastic welders use only the best poly welding equipment. The team at Poly tank repairs  has over 40 years of experience and can fix just about every Poly product.

After years of being told we are The Best in the industry” by our amazing clients, we continually strive to find better solutions for YOU. If you have had a quote from someone else or “Ya Mate saw a YouTube video” on how to do it, please talk to us first. We save 100s of people every year from the ultra expensive “OOOOPS, I thought it would be easy” pain.

Poly Tank Repairs

Plastic welding colour matching:​

Poly Tank Repairs are often asked if we are able to colour match the welding to their item to be welded and in most situations, we are able too. We are able to weld any size, shape or colour being a large oblong shape tank or a small poly Plastic fuel tank, no matter what the brand!

We are independent plastic welding repairers so brand does not matter to us we can weld them all.

Plastic welding colour matching
Poly slimline Tank Repair
Poly Tank Repairs

Tank Repair

Tank Repairs become easy when you call our team! We have the best and most Advanced poly welding tools in the industry. Our qualified staff come to your tank no matter where you are located in Queensland and repair it like new…

Also, The repair work spots are usually stronger”than the actual liner product on some of the older tanks and will have the ability to last until the tank is worn.

We Come To You!:

In Less Than 2 Minutes, You Can Have A Mobile Plastic Tank Repairer Booked...

Poly Tank Repairs
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” I’ve had the Poly tank team out twice now. They did a flawless job. After doing my first main water tank, that needed major split repairs. I had them come back and repair 8 more tanks that we thought were done for. Im tickled pink on the repairs and the savings. Our fruit farming business has been able to use the savings we made to expand!” – Liz Brasher

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No obligations, no contracts, just excellent service.

PolyTankRepairs Gives You THE HIGHEST QUALITY POLY REPAIRS In Australia. Why Settle For Less!

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More Detailed Information About Our Top Rated Services:

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Plastic Welding

80+ years of combined Plastic Welding experience makes Poly Tank Repairs the right choice for your plastic welding needs.

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Family Owned

Being an Australian family business means that we go the extra mile with customer service.

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Trusted Professionals

Our experience in Tank Repairs makes us the most reputable Water Tank repairers in Australia.

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Guaranteed Service

All our work is Guaranteed! If it’s a plastic or poly tank we have 100% success in fixing tanks and fixing other people’s dodgy attempts at welding.

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Water Tanks

We are plastic Water tank specialists, fixing Poly Water tanks is what we do all day every day.

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Friendly Service

We will call you when we are on our way and provide peace of mind that your problem will be fixed.

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Leaking Tanks

Fixed 100% we will advise you what you can do until we arrive to ensure you don’t lose all your precious water.

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No job to big

From the biggest jobs to the smallest we do it all at Poly Tank so give us a call today.

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No obligations, no contracts, just excellent service.

PolyTankRepairs Gives You THE HIGHEST QUALITY POLY REPAIRS In Australia. Why Settle For Less!

FAQs We Get A Lot:

Yes! Our specialist Poly Tank repair team can fix any plastic water tank! We have years of experience and travel all over Queensland

Yes! PE and PP Plastic Fuel Tanks can be repaired with specialist plastic welding equipment. Plastic repairs are more cost effective than replacement.

Yes! polypropylene gas tanks can be repaired with specialised polypropylene welding tools that make repairs cost effective. The team at Poly Tank Repairs do it all day everyday.

(PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene plastic is heated up through a specialised welding tool and applied to the damaged area. Plastic welding needs to be done by a specialist to ensure a good long term fix.

Our mobile repairers travel throughout all of Queensland Australia. We have teams all over the place and due to demand service all suburbs in QLD.

Yes! If it made from (PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene plastic then we can definitely help you out. Give us a call and we can advise you on the best method.

Yes! (PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene welding on farms is very common. Fuel tanks and farm equipment plastics can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Yes! We fix hundreds of residential poly tanks every year. We come to you and and get the job done fast and efficient so you can enjoy your tank for years to come.

Look, you can try. Its not recommended if you don’t have plastic welding experience as the wrong welding sticks and in proper technique may make your poly product worse than if you had just call a pro. It may be expensive and stress-full.

Yes! For a temporary fix you need to find a way to put pressure on the split or crack. Race tape or any strong tape can provide a temporary fix while you wait for us to come out and do the repair. 

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No obligations, no contracts, just excellent service.

#PolyTankRepairs Gives You THE HIGHEST QUALITY POLY REPAIRS In Australia. Why Settle For Less!

Poly Tank Repairs

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