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A Perfect job from Noel and his team. Cost effective, professional
and what a great job. Thanks again Noel.

- Pearl Daniels

How To Save BIG Money

By Repairing Your Poly Tanks!

Perfect functioning water tanks that keep your water supply constant and without interruption. There is nothing worse, especially for industrial water tanks, when the tank springs a leak causing production to stop costing thousands.

Dont spend another cent until you have called our tank repair team.

Poly Tank Repairs service the east coast of Australia from North Queensland, New South Wales to Parts of Victoria.

A number of our customers call us with concerns about the condition of their storage tank. They want to understand if a tank with a small leak or crack can be effectively fixed, or when replacing the tank is advised. Let’s discuss the situations where it’s possible for reliable tank repair work, and when tank replacement is the answer.


The effectiveness, however, depends on where the leak or fracture in the tank exists, the size of the crack, and the reason for the crack. These factors will identify if the fix fasts and simple, a more challenging job, or a short-lived repair until a replacement tank can be set up.

Can you repair poly tanks?

  • Yes! Poly tanks can be welded and repaired using specialised equipment. A professional poly welder will be easily able to repair (PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene tanks of all sorts.

Can plastic fuel tanks be repaired?

  • Yes! Due to the plastic being (PP) Polypropylene & (PE) Polyethylene a professional poly welder will do the job in no time.
  • This is a specialist procedure you must be careful or hire a seasoned poly welder.

How to Repair a Polypropylene Gas Tank?

  1. Clean the tank and let the gas out
  2. Call poly tank repairs to get our team on the road
  3. Turn kettle on and make a coffee
  4. Enjoy the cost savings

Repairing a Polypropylene Gas Tank that still runs can be done by a professional poly welder at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

How do you fix a crack in a poly tank?

  1. First take some photos
  2. Send photos to our tank repair team
  3. Sit tight we will be there ASAP

How do I fix my water tank?

This supplies a leakage evidence repair to tanks that have an OR-1000 inner surface area. Fractures in the sidewall of a poly tank up to a foot in length can be effectively fixed. A repair can last up to 5 years or more. The age of the tank, chemicals being stored, and the cause of the fracture identify the effectiveness of the repair work.

Read our stories from operating a poly products repair business below.

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