How to repair my leaking plastic water tank, Can I fix my leaking plastic water tank with Silicone, Fibeglas or urethane ??

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Hello we are poly tank repairers and at Poly Tank Repairs we get asked this question on a daily basis,

How to repair my leaking plastic water tank, Can I fix my leaking plastic water tank with Silicone, Fibeglas or urethane ?? 1
Fix with Repair kit on the market
STOP! Not gonna work
How to repair my leaking plastic water tank, Can I fix my leaking plastic water tank with Silicone, Fibeglas or urethane ?? 2
Repaired with tape? Melted on strips? Bandage?
STOP! Just let Professions handle it!

People call us at Poly Tank Repairs and ask is it possible to repair a leaking poly tank with glue as some people have just about tried every type of product you can buy to fix there leaking tank and at times they are very frustrated as they have spent allot of time and money trying to fix there poly tank with one or more of the following products we have listed only to find out that they don’t work at all.

Here are only some of the products people have tried, Epoxy, Glue, silicon, Sticker Flex, Urethane, Aqua-Need, Need-it, Blue-Tac, Ferrope, Fibreglass, and many others that can be purchased online or off the shelves of your local hardware.

Do any of these products work ??


most of these products fail the very first time your plastic tank fills with water only to be back to square one again loosing all your water again and what’s so amazing is most of these products all claim to fix your leak with ease but most of these products have printed on the packaging that there product bond to (MOST PLASTICS) yes that’s right there correct as plastic tanks are mostly made from various polythenes and these types of polys are not able to be fixed for any length of time using adhesive products like all the ones I have already mentioned in this article , actually there is no adhesive glue types of products on the market sold yet that is suitable to repair poly tanks successfully long term.

So the short answer is no, glues do not work when trying to fix your leaking poly tank.

Plastic tanks are made from poly and the only way to repair a leaking poly tank is to poly weld the plastic tank using specialists high tech plastic welding equipment and welding materials to successfully fix your leaking poly tank.

Your now at the right place if you have a leaking or damaged plastic water tank that needs professionally repaired as Poly Tank Repairs can help, we are professional poly welders and have been repairing plastic tanks for decades.

We are on-site poly welders and our specialty is repairing plastic tanks.

Poly Tank Repairs have a fully set up 4WD mobile work shop to be able to come to you at your place to repair your plastic tank on the spot the same day of inspection.

We are family owned and operated and we also specialise in plastic tank roof repairs like support poles pushed through the poly tanks roof and collapsed roof repairs and splitting plastic tank roofs, yes we can fix them all and there’s no need to empty your water tank when roof repairs are needed as we even repair collapsed poly tank roofs all from the outside without the need to access inside your water tank so there’s no need to buy water or have your tank cleaned once your tank has been repaired.

Poly Tank Repairs are able to colour match most colours if colour matching is required just mention on the phone when making your plastic tank repair booking.

At Poly Tank Repairs we take pride in our work to ensure your plastic tank is repaired to the very best quality possible every time no matter how small or large the repair may be and we endeavour to provide our customers will only the best work possible.

Poly Tank Repairs are able to repair all brands, sizes and shapes of plastic water tanks as Poly Tank Repairs is a stand alone company and repairs all brands.

Contact Poly Tank Repairs today to have your tank repaired.

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