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There are many different farm rural plastic tanks that our team can repair.

Farm and Rural Poly Tank Examples…

  • Molasses poly tanks,

  • Cup and source plastic tanks,

  • Tractor boom plastic spray tanks,

  • Poly silo’s,

  • Plastic holding storage tanks, and

  • Plastic feed and water troughs.

are examples of some of the many poly/plastic items now being used on farms. As these assets age, they require regular maintenance and minor repair works. This includes welding repairs too. Poly Tank Repairs is a fully mobile plastic repairs and welding business and we can fix most poly/plastic products that others cant. If you have a repair or maintenance need, Contact Us on the number below.


Rural Tank Repairs
Farm poly tank repairs
Farm & Rural Poly Tank repairs

Spray Tank Repairs

Poly Tank Repairs, over the years have been involved in repairing poly plastic spray tanks of various types. Poly Tank Repairs can repair them all, any brand any size any shape.


Sprayer tank repairs
Spray tank repair
Spray Tank Repairs
Poly Tank Repairs

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