Plastic water tank leaking ??

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Tank Leaking ?? Poly Tank Repairs, can help, look no further, we repair all plastic tanks though out the Armidale region and all surrounding rural areas.

Our team at Poly Tank Repairs pride ourselves on being the plastic repair geniuses of repairing plastic water tanks —namely poly rain water tanks! We work on all brands, shapes and sizes including slimline, round, domestic and all farming plastic tanks even larger house water tanks, poly Tank Repairs fix all plastic tanks leaking or damaged even with collapsed tank roofs.

leaks in your plastic tank can lead to all sorts of problems not to mention huge water loss over time. Waisted water only leads to tank base deterioration ground movement and causes foundations of buildings to have problems also lost of water can be costly too.

Poly Tank Repairs are your on-site mobile 4WD tank repair geniuses with all the things on board needed to repair your leaking plastic tank on the spot same day, our mobile service comes fully fitted out with everything we need to repair your tank, fast.

Contact Poly Tank Repairs today for advice about your rain water tank and to make an appointment.

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