Poly Tank

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Poly Tank Roof Repairs

Poly Tank Repairs often repair large round rainwater poly tanks with poles holding the roof up that have pierce through the roof and eventually causing the roof to collapsed.

In this situation, it normally means the base the poly water tank is sitting on has dropped down in one or more than one area over the years causing the wall of your tank to drop down which leads to the roof being pulled tight over the pole and eventually the pole pierces through the poly tank roof and eventually the roof will collapse resulting in an inverted roof acting as a funnel catching all the leaves and eventually leading to undrinkable water left in your plastic tank.

We often get asked by our customers, do we need to empty our tank which leads to water wastage, and the answer in most cases is no, as we have over the years come up with a professional repair system that allows us to lift and repair the poly tank roof while being able to leave your rain water tank full.


Damged poly tank roof
Repaired poly tank roof
Poly Tank Repairs

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