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Leaking tank repairs in Taree, yes that’s right Poly Tank Repairs are in Taree repairing leaking plastic tanks.

Poly Tank Repairs is your local on-site plastic tank repairs, Repairing plastic tanks in Taree, some leaking tanks, damage tanks, split tanks, cracked tanks, and even some tank repairs have collapsed roofs most likely caused from ground movement.

some poly tanks were made with a centre pole supporting the roof of the plastic tank and some times with ground movement over many years can cause the pole to peace through the roof and in result needing the plastic roof to be poly welded and in some cases where the roof has collapsed we will need to raise the roof to fully repair the plastic rain water tank.

Leaking tanks can be caused by many things and some of the most common things that cause poly Tanks to have issues is thin walled plastic tanks, inferior poorly design plastic tanks, poorly installed rain water tanks, old age, wear and tare and expansion and contraction can all lead to your poly water tank needing repairs to your water tank to get your rain water tank back into a satisfactory condition again to hold your valuable water.

Leaking water tanks can lead to ground erosion, Termites, and building foundation damage.

So it is very important to keep your water tanks in good order and one of the easiest ways to ensure your poly tanks are in good order is to check for damp areas around your plastic tanks and also remember to keep your gutters and strainers clean where your down pipes enter into and out of your plastic tanks to ensure there in good condition to ensure your tank water is kept clean at all times to limit your water tank needing to be cleaned.

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