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Is your tank split ??

Split Tank Repairs 1

Poly Tank Repairs can help. We have repaired thousands of split plastic water tanks over many decades poly welding split tanks from the coastal regions to the inland farming regional areas repairing split poly tanks is our specialty repairing all brands and sizes even any shape namely the domestic plastic Slimline stand against the wall tank is known to be tricky to repair and is one of our specialties using only the latest technology we can repair your tank with efficiency and fast saving you thousands of dollars without all the hassle of replacing your split leaking water tank.

Poly Tank Repairs guarantee to fix your split plastic tank on the spot on the day the same day we attend to inspect your leaking split tank. Split tanks lead to a big sticky mess if left unattended and lost of water can be costly too, with water becoming very expensive saving every drop can save you big $$$.

Split Tank Repairs 2

Poly Tank Repairs has the technology and experience to repair any split plastic tank needing repair and best of all we come to you all equipped with everything on board our 4X4 on-site mobile workshop to repair your split tank with efficiency and fast.

Repairing your tank will not only extend your leaking tanks life but also helps to reduce your environmental footprint reducing poly plastic waist into today’s environment can be important as every little bit helps.

Split tanks leaking long term may attract unwanted guests like termites, snakes, ants and spiders all may come from far looking for water with the smell of leaking water being irresistible not to mention water may also lead to your buildings near by to have foundation swelling problems and or any organic material water comes in contact with will start to deteriorate quickly.

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If you’re needing your split leaking water tank repaired contact us at Poly Tank Repairs today to organise one of our technicians to attend on-site to repair your tank.

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