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Poly Tank Repairs Coffs Harbour repair all , plastic tanks, split plastic tank repairs, Cracked plastic tank repairs, split plastic tank outlet repairs and plastic tank roof repairs.

Yes Poly Tank Repairs are your plastic tank welder and yes we service all of Coffs Harbour including all surrounding regional areas and we fix all types of plastic tanks any brand any size any shape.

Poly Tank Repairs are on-site plastic tank welders Repairing all sizes of plastic water tanks whether being a smaller domestic Slimline plastic water tank or a large round plastic water tank we repair them all with professional specialist equipment and know how to ensure the very best repair every time.

Plastic tanks are made from various polythene materials and are not suitable to be repaired with glues or any type of adhesives as they do not work successfully for any length of time adhering to polythene materials as the plastic tank materials can only be repaired successfully by poly welding with specialty high tech poly welding equipment and Poly Tank Repairs are family owned and operated and experienced poly tank welders with many decades of experience.

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