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Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 1
Team Poly Tank repair.
As Long as you Love ? me. Poly Tank Repairs, Repaired another large 5000 gallon/23,000ltr Team Poly water tank with a collapsed roof today at Lovedale in the Hunter Valley region, not only the plastic tank roof was collapsed but the collapsed roof was full of water causing the top of the roof to start to pull the side walls inward as well, also the collapsed roof had allot of fermenting rotting leaves that appear to have been on top of the collapsed plastic tank roof for some time as the smell was horrible.

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 2

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 3Poly water tank roof repair.
Poly Tank Repairs specialist
is your local tank repairs expert

With the expertise of Poly Tank Repairs we were able to raise and reinforce the roof and replace a new centre support pole to hold the roof up and even better, the centre support pole now is unable to fall over anymore leading to the Plastics water tank roof falling down in the first place and best of all the repairs were done without the need to enter inside of the plastic water tank leaving the rain water clean ready to drink once again with no water loss saving the owner money not needing to buy water to refill his water tank again.

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 4Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 5
Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 6
Tank Roof This is Down

Poly tank repairs are the plastic poly tank repair specialist repairing all plastic water tanks any size, brands, shapes, whether the tank is leaking, damage, or needing roof repairs or a just a split cracked outlet needs repairing, we fix them all and as Poly Tank Repairs says, WE FIX IT and YOU FILL IT, We repair your tank at your place on the spot on the same day as inspection using only the best technology available that gives you a top quality repair first time every time with your rain water tank ready to use immediately, yes that’s right, there’s no waiting time with any of our poly tank repairs.

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 7Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 8
Tank Roof This is Up

Poly Tank Repairs is a family owned and operated business and has been repairing thousands of water tanks for many decades servicing all the Hunter Valley region, Poly Tank Repairs is your one stop shop repairing plastic water tanks with the expertises to even colour match the poly welding to the existing water tank if needed.

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 9

Poly Tank Repairs carry all the equipment and materials and if needed we even have our own power supply in our on-site Mobile 4WD work shop ready to be used on-site to repair your water tank and once we have inspected your water tank and provided you with the price to repair your tank and if you choose not to proceed with the repair of your plastic water tank prior to Poly Tank Repairs starting any work there’s absolutely no charge.

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 10
On-site mobile FWD fully equipped self contained plastic welding workshop fully setup containing onboard power supplies.

Keeping your poly water tank in good condition is always important, if your down pipes, strainers or overflows becomes block up it may lead to extensive damage to your rain water tank that maybe costly to repair, so from time to time it’s a great idea to check your gutters on your home also any poly tank down pipes and strainers or overflow pipes and strainers and a good way to remember when to check to ensure there all clean is when you receive your electricity bill.

Tank repair in Lovedale the Hunter Valley 11Leaking water tank.

Leaking water tanks can lead to larger problems causing large wet areas and even problems to buildings in the same area around your leaking tank, leaking water tanks can be costly if your needing to keep on topping up the tank to give you a continuous water supply, so it’s important to keep an eye on your plastic rain water tank to prevent any unforeseen problems that may pop up.

To have your plastic rain water tank repaired contact us at Poly Tank Repairs to have one of our experienced on-site plastic tank repair technicians attend a site visit.

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