Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast

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Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast.
Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast 1Cracked poly tank outlet before repaired.
Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast 2 Poly welding to water tank 

Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast 3Poly tank welding to this large tank with split the tank wall causing the outlet tap to leak.

Just did another Water tank repair to another plastic tank in the Sunshine Coast region, This water tank repair to a large 22,000Ltr/5000 Gallon plastic tank was on the water tank towards the base of the water tank where the tap is connected to the water tank and the split, crack appears to have started from the water tank where the tap on the tank was screwed into the moulded poly thread when the water tank was manufacture around 10 years ago, and most likely when the tap was screwed into the poly thread in the water tank in the opening specifically designed place, provided for the tap to screw into the water tank prior to the water tank being delivered and with added thread tape placed onto the tap to ensure no leaks, most likely lead to the water tank repair today, on inspection Poly Tank Repairs found the tap screwed into the water tank to have way to much thread tape place on the tap male thread prior to being screwed into the water tank and over the period of around ten years most likely caused the water tank to cracked with a large split running vertically upwards from the tap outlet most likely due to the outward force continually pressing onto the poly water tank treads coursed from placing way to much thread tape onto the tap when installing the water tank and now needing a water tank repair.

Poly Tank Repairs often gets called out on-site to inspect and to proceed with the water tank repair with large splits cracks leading vertical from the tap outlet or surrounding areas around the tap area on the plastic water tank.

A water tank repair in the tap area of most plastic tanks in the situation where the crack split is near or coming from the tap can also be caused from not having enough flexible movement in the pipeline that has been connected to the tap that is connected to your water tank, YES that’s right the pipeline leading from your water tank in most cases to your pump and then continues into your home must be flexible for at least the first few meters leaving your plastic tank and some of the easiest ways to achieve this is to loose lay the poly pipe on the ground leading to your house pump as poly pipe laying on top of the ground naturally moves with the environmental temperature changes and when your tank fills and empties with the water tank side wall flexing with expansion and contraction continually happening with the weight of water and head pressure changing also allows the pipeline to freely move,

Poly Tank Repairs commonly sees incorrect pipeline installations on water tanks leading to the need of a water tank repair, and in most cases, many years after the water tank was installed especially when we see pipelines leading from the water tank going straight into the ground leaving no room for expansion and contraction at all, this is a common problem Poly Tank Repairs often comes across as the customer has not been aware that there needs to be flexibility in the pipeline to reduce tap outlet splitting or cracking into the future.

Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast 4We come to you,
Fully equipped on-site FWD  with all the latest plastic extrusion welding equipment even with onboard power supply.

Plastic tanks are made from poly and poly expands and contracts allot from the heat of summer and in some areas in Australia freezing cold winters so when installing your next plastic water tank, take a moment to plan the best possible way to achieve the best out come to have your water tank last for decades instead of a few years, when installing a plastic tank ensure to create a sound compact base using crusher dust material and to ensure there’s a good boxing around the base materials to keep them from being eroded over the many years your tank will sit there holding water as most large household water tanks when full of water can weigh up to 50 ton.

Water Tank Repair Sunshine Coast 5

Large Bushmens leaking poly tank repair.

Poly Tank Repairs often are required to go on-site to do a water tank repair that has been caused from poor base preparation and or poor pipeline connections previously spoken about in this blog. When installing plastic water tanks it’s also important to leave plenty of room around each water tank so if your needing to inspect or get access to do any maintenance in the future to your water tank, access can be easily obtain otherwise is most cases the need to remove the large tank in the future can be difficult jus to do a small water tank repair. Always ensure your plastic tank is not placed to close to structures like your home or shed and if in the case u are limited for room ensure to leave enough expansion room for the wall of your plastic tank to expand and ensure to allow enough room between brick window ceils as if your poly tank wall expands out when full of water in hot conditions and touches the window ceils over time will lead to the wall of your poly tank to split loosing your valuable asset water and can lead to damage to your home and may eventually cause foundation issues and even attract nasty unwanted insects like termites.

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