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Poly Tank Repairs Rosehill.

When your polypropylene or Polyethylene tank suffers damage, how do you go about repairing it? For many, they might fall into the trap of feeling like they need to dump thousands into the costs of a brand new tank. This can create a massive headache for everyone involved when it comes to the cost, and logistics of having the tank replaced completely. Not to mention, it’s wasteful.


“The number #1 Poly tank repairer in Rosehill”


When a poly tank suffers damage, it doesn’t have to be the end of the life of the tank altogether. Certified and experienced plastic welders can repair and have your poly tank operating as good as new. What’s more, the process can actually cost you far less than replacing the tank altogether. In the end, you save money, and you create less plastic waste. How does it all work? Let’s talk about poly tank repair, and what types of tanks it can be used for.


– What Is Poly Tank Repair? 


We at Poly Tank Repairs make it our mission to ensure that you’re damaged plastic, and poly tanks get the life-extending repairs that they need. Small leaks and cracks in your storage tank don’t have to spell absolute disaster. Through advanced plastic welding techniques, and cutting edge methods, we can effectively weld the damage on the tank; leaving it better than it ever was before!

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