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Plastic tank repairs Greenbank, Poly Tank Repairs, are repairing all poly tanks in and around but not only, Greenbank, Browns Plains, Jimboomba, Beaudesert, Logan, Logan Village, Waterford, Crestmead, Algester, Springfield lakes and all surrounding areas of Brisbane, repairing any brand, size, or shapes of plastic water tanks including all styles of Slimlines also known as (stand against the wall) and (under eaves tanks) is one of our specialties.

Tank repairs made from plastic or poly is our specialty and Poly Tank Repairs is able to repair your plastic poly tank on-site at your house on the spot on the same day of inspection repairing all split poly tanks any cracked plastic water tanks and damaged plastic poly rain water tanks can be all repaired professionally by Poly Tank Repairs.

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Plastic welding repair to this large old Poly Tank brand of tank with cracked in side needing Poly welding  

Poly Tank Repairs have Repaired thousands of tanks over the years throughout the Brisbane region repairing all tanks made from poly plastic whether being a small domestic water tank through to all large farming rural plastic water tanks.

Plastic Tank Repairs Greenbank 4

We come to you,
Fully equipped on-site FWD  with all the latest plastic extrusion welding equipment even with onboard power supply.

Poly Tank Repairs are family owned and operated and have been repairing plastic tanks for decades, we specialize in only repairing plastic tanks and poly welding is our specialty, plastic welding plastic water tanks is what we do all day everyday, we are not just someone that has decided to have a go or add it into another business on the side when there quite, NO, we are poly tank repair specialist providing only the best top quality workmen ship every time all the time, providing allot cheaper alternative than the need to have your plastic tank replaced, considering the cost of having your tank disconnected taken away and disposed of only to have the cost to prepare a new base for your tank that needs to be purchased and delivered then installed having the piping plumbed and connected once again most likely will cost thousands of $$$ just to have the same thing holding your rain water and considering the environmental damage being done in the event of disposal and replacing of your old and new poly tank so by repairing your already existing plastic tank and reducing your foot print is always the smarter choice.

Plastic Tank Repairs Greenbank 5 Leaking tank  prior to repair.

Plastic Tank Repairs Greenbank 6

Plastic Tank Repairs Greenbank 7

Poly tank repair.

Poly Tank Repairs are professional poly welders using modern technology to allow us to Plastic weld your water tank split, cracks or damage back to original strength or even stronger then the parent material of your rain water tank, YES, the initial split we repair is as strong or stronger then your tank and that’s why we can guarantee to fix your leaking tank on the day the same day we attend to view your poly tank.

Poly Tank Repairs in most cases if given prior notice are able to colour match the welding materials to the colour of your tank and we hold a verity of colours on board our fully equipped on-site Mobile self contained work shop ready to repair any style of water tank on the spot on the same day we arrive to look at your rain water tank, once Poly Tank Repairs has arrived on-site at your home we assess your plastic tank repair and provide you with the price to repair your rain water tank with the best plan of attack to get your plastic tank repaired and back in use holding water as soon as possible and best of all if you choose not to proceed with the repair once we provide you with the price to repair your tank there’s absolutely no charge prior to starting any work.

Plastic Tank Repairs Greenbank 8
Collapsed poly rainwater tank repair.

Poly Tank Repairs are specialist in poly tank roof repairs with the technology to repair collapsed damaged plastic tank roofs without the need to empty your tank, also without the need to enter inside your poly tank and best of all there’s no need to have your tank cleaned once the roof has been repaired and raised back to a suitable height as Poly tank Repairs does not enter the inside of your tank so there’s no contamination of your drinking water.

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