Poly Tank Repairs, Repair water tanks, plastic water tanks, Poly Water Tanks, Damaged Water Tanks and even water tanks with collapsed roofs with poles pushed through the roof. Poly Tank Repairs service all the WoodBurn region from the coastal beach areas to the farming rural areas with decades of expertise we guarantee to fix any leaking tank with large or even the smallest of leaking problems or add additional outlets or inlets no matter what colour or type of materials your plastic tank is made from we can guarantee to fix your water tank with ease.

we have a fully self contained on-site Mobile 4X4 work shop that has all the important materials, technology experience and equipment Needed to repair your water tank on-site on the spot the same day of inspection.

Poly Tank Repairs nearly always can colour match to match the colour of your water tank so the repair is similar or the same colour of your water tank.

For more inquiries and information about plastic water tank welding please visit our website www.polytankrepairs.com.au

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