Poly Tank Repairs are plastic tank poly welding repairs around all of Wauchope and Port Macquire region and all surrounding area from the coastal areas to the inland farming rural areas and with many years of experience we can fix any leaking tank any size with large or small issues and where able to repair old split poly tank pump outlets or add any new outlets or inlets no matter what colour the plastic tank is or the type of materials your plastic tank is made from we can fix your tank hassle free.

we are a fully self contained on-sight Mobile 4WD one stop shop and we carry only the highest quality repair materials, weld rods and equipment including the latest hi tech specialist plastic welders On board to repair your plastic tank on-site on the spot on the same day of inspection.

Poly Tank Repairs can even repair damaged, split, cracked, sagging or collapsed plastic tank roofs all without the need to drain your tank.

Poly Tank Repairs not only can repair your collapsing plastic tank roof with no need to access the internal of your rain water tank, we can also replace the plastic tank roof support poles externally.

For more inquiries, support and information please contact one of our team at Poly Tank Repairs or call on 0415169734 to talk to us directly or Visit our website to see the awesome jobs we have already done for past happy clients. We guarantee to fix your split, crack, or damaged Plastic rain water tank.

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