On-site tank repair Singleton , Repairs to all plastic tanks all brands, shapes and sizes, Poly Tank Repairs, Repairing water tanks in and around, but not only Singleton, Gouldsville, Hambledon Hill, Mount Thorley, Milbrodale, Howes Valley, Fordwich, Big Ridge, Scott’s Flat, Elderslie, Mitchells Flat, Sedgefield, Dyrring, West Brook, Broke, Branxton, North Rothbury, Belford and all surrounding areas. 

Plastic tank repairs repair all large farming tanks right through to repairing your small Slimline tank repair throughout all the regional areas around Singleton and We even service all the upper Hunter regions of the Hunter Valley, Poly tank repairs can repair them all from split side walls to cracked outlets and even a damaged tank repair is easily done with our on-site mobile friendly fully equipped work shop ready to start the job on the same day of inspection to guarantee to fix your leaking split crack or damaged tank on the day.

Poly Tank Repairs even have a professional collapsed roof repair system that requires no need to empty your tank or the need for anyone to enter your tank so there’s no water loss or any need to have your tank cleaned once the roof repair is completed and for this reason you save $$$ when using Poly Tank Repairs to repair your tank roof and even better still, all the work is professionally done from the outside of your plastic tank. 

Here at Poly Tank Repairs we take great care to ensure only the highest quality workmen ship is done on every job for our customers as Poly Tank Repairs takes great pride in our workmen ship to ensure the best quality available with the correct plan of attack and out come for every customers tank repair. 

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