Ploy Tank Repairs service the Queensland, New South Wales region along with parts of Victoria. At times, when performing poly welding repairs to water tanks and other tanks, we come across many dirty / unhygienic tanks.

The extent of the contamination starts from items like leaves, sticks, silt, discoloured/tannin water all the way to mosquito larvae and even dead animals like snakes, lizards, frogs, possums that got in through an open lid or a crack but could not escape the tank once they have entered.

All this leads to a tank full of rain water that is not suitable for use anymore.

So, what leads to a Dirty Water Tank?

One of the most common problems that cause unhygienic water tanks is dirty gutters, down pipes, tank man hole strainers that have silted up and water tank overflow pipe strainers all being blocked up.

The most common cause we observe are leaves on top of large poly rain water tank roofs that have been there for so long that they have become good potting mix and are in the composting process of becoming soil.

Over time, all of these things lead to dirty, non-usable discoloured water in your plastic tanks.

How to prevent this?

All of the above mentioned things cause damage to your plastic tanks and lead to needing to be poly welded.

Poly Tank Repairs suggest to keep an eye on your tank and look out for blockages and foreign bodies in your tanks. This will ensure that your beloved water tank has a clean long life with little to no issues.

Regular maintenance will also ensure that you avoid any type of repairs like poly welding and keeping your tank in good conditions will automatically give you clean hygienic water to use where ever you choose to.

Contact us if you require any repair works on your water tanks.

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