Has your plastic tank cracked ??

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Poly Tank Repairs Specialist

Poly Tank Repairs are the experts in repairing cracked plastic tanks, for a professional cracked plastic tank repair, look no further than Poly Tank Repairs.

Our team only strives for the best repair possible with highest quality assurance to repair your cracked leaking plastic tank on the spot guaranteed to fix your leaking crack plastic tank on the day. Poly Tank Repairs pride ourselves for being the plastic tank repair geniuses, Poly Tank Repairs not only repair cracked plastic round water tanks we repair a range of plastic tanks, stock water tanks with saucers we repair all cracked plastic water tanks namely poly rain water tanks! We work with all models, from your small domestic slimline long narrow stand against the wall tanks through to all large round house hold drinking water tanks and any other type of leaking tank holding liquid.

Poly Tank Repairs poly weld plastic tanks even with small minor cracks or very large cracks Poly Tank Repairs can repair any damage to plastic tanks.

Leaking tanks can lead to big water loss and big mess quickly if not attended to quickly. Waisted water is not only a problem, it can be costly too. Poly Tank Repairs can rectify any leaking cracked plastic tanks on the spot with our mobile 4WD service we are able to reach most areas with ease our fully equipped mobile work shop has everything we need to repair any brand of cracked tank fast.

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Poly Tank Repairs is the one Tank Repairs that you can relay on

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