Local on-site plastic tank repairs, Poly Tank Repairs repair all poly tanks, plastic water tanks all shapes bands and sizes in and around Lismore.

Poly Tank Repairs are specialist tank repairers and have been repairing all types of plastic tanks for decades, Poly Tank Repairs are professional poly welders plastic welding tanks to repair split plastic tanks, split plastic tank outlets, and cracked plastic tanks.

Poly Tank Repairs also Repair all crack plastic tank roofs, plastic tank collapsed roof repairs is what we specialise in as allot of plastic water tanks suffer from roof problems and often need repairing.

Poly Tank Repairs are local Mobile on-site plastic tank repairers with a fully self contained 4X4 work shop with our own power supply if needed at your service repairing plastic tanks for all the regional areas around Lismore.

Poly Tank Repairs are highly skilled poly welders using only the latest high tech modern equipment enabling Poly Tank Repairs to preform high quality poly welding to repair your plastic tank on-site with no fuss and efficiency.

Call Poly Tank Repairs today to have our experienced technicians to visit you on-site to repair your plastic tank.

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