Poly Slimline and Stand Against The Wall Rain Water Tank Repairs

Poly tank repairs are highly qualified plastic tank repairers with years of expertise’s and experience in this field. We specialize in on sight repairs to poly plastic water tanks that are normally made from (PE) Polyethylene and (PP) Polypropylene and more commonly known as Poly or Polythene in today’s times.    We are able to weld any size, shape and colour being a large round water tank or a small Poly Slimline water tanks, right through to Transporter and Water Cartage plastic poly tanks.

no matter what the brand is as we are independent plastic welding repairers so brand does not matter to us we can weld them all.

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Slimline Water Tank Repairs 2

Poly Slimline Rain Water Tank Repairs

Poly Tank Repairs have been repairing all types of rain water tanks over the years,

although our specialty is doing plastic welding repairs to poly plastic Slimline and Stand Against The wall type tanks. These types of rain water tanks come in many different shapes and designs and most of these styles of tanks pose a real problem in getting good access to the repair area where they need to be repaired, Poly Tank Repairs were able to solve this problem and were able to developed a professional repair system designed especially for the Stand Against The Wall and Poly Slimline rain water tanks which has lead Poly Tank Repairs to have great success in fixing the leaks in these styles of tanks.

Slimline Water Tank Repairs 3

our competitors work


Slimline Water Tank Repairs 4

our fix to our competitors work


How we fix our competitors work!

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