Plastic Poly Fuel and Add Blue Tank Repairs

Poly Tank Repairs have repaired many different types of petrol, gasoline, fuel and diesel tanks over the years being a dirt bike poly tank or an earth moving bobcat tank, Front End Loader diesel tank, motor vehicle fuel tank, Truck diesel tank, Tractor Diesel tanks or simply just a boat gasoline tank yes we repair all of them guaranteed to fix your leak.


We are able to weld any size, shape or colour being a large obb long shape tank or a small poly Plastic fuel tank,

no matter what the brand is as we are independent plastic welding repairers so brand does not matter to us we can weld all of them.


Poly Tank Repairs are highly qualified plastic tank repairers with years or expertise’s and experience in this field. We specialize in on sight repairs to poly plastic Petroleum and Diese

Plastic Poly Fuel & Add Blue Tank Repairs 1
Plastic Poly Fuel & Add Blue Tank Repairs 2
Plastic Poly Fuel & Add Blue Tank Repairs 3
Plastic Poly Fuel & Add Blue Tank Repairs 4

Ad Blue poly plastic tanks are now becoming more common throughout the motor vehicle industries,

And with this, is the need for repairs to these little but at times expensive tanks.

Poly Tank Repairs have over the years have been asked to repair the big Ad Blue bulk chemical tanks holding this product in bulk storage at times and in the more recent years we have had customers ask us if we’re able to repair truck and car Add Blue tanks.

So, if you do require Add Blue tank repairs please feel free to call us today to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Non weld-able Poly’s X link poly repairs


Poly Tank Repairs are also specialist repairers of X-LINKED POLY’S (XLPE) and (PEX),(XPE) and sometimes also known as (HDPE X) are all poly’s that are well known to be un-repairable and non weld-able,  but Poly Tank Repairs have mastered welding all these so called non weld-able poly’s.  


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